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Premium Wallnuts

In the quality control systems of walnuts, classification studies with image processing methods play a crucial role. Determination of type and quality of shelled walnuts and non-shelled walnuts with image processing or by using size and shape characteristics of walnuts are very important.

Walnuts that have been exported by Walnut Ukraine have been reaching their destination in more than 57 countries worldwide.

Advantages of cooperation with us appreciated by regular customers from Ukraine and other countries. Working with us, you get high quality of our products. As our products are subject to strict quality control to meet international standards. Among the main advantages: All products meet state standards and UNECE DDP-02; quality packaging fully preserves the taste and useful properties of the products; the best price and quality; continued availability of stock the entire range of fresh produce; as soon as possible to fulfill your order; possibility of delivery of goods by road in Europe; flexible system of discounts for regular customers.

Through its continuous improvement quality policy into walnut business, Walnut Ukraine endeavors to fulfill all necessary requirements and specifications required by UNECE DDP-02 quality management system.

Our team members are highly specialized in walnut business. At the same time we strive to provide training and assistance “on a regular basis” to individuals in farms and other stages of the business. (Especially regarding hygiene practices so as to prevent microbial, chemical and physical contamination and food borne hazards of walnuts.)

Quality is required to ensure trust and trust is the most crucial requirement for a sustainable business relationship. Relatively, Walnut Ukraine is committed to establish an applicable and sustainable quality system.

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