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Why Royal Walnut?

What Makes Us Different?

Walnut Ukraine is a member company of Legend Projects Group.

Below, you can find a brief data regarding the group company: 

All companies in Legend Projects have applied around 3,200 projects throughout the world.

We have exported to 57 countries all over the world.

We are active in more than 12 sectors.

Quality in products and quality in service is the focal point in our company.

In every sector that we operate, we strive to set standards of the business.

Our export is near 100 million USD.

To put it simply, we know what we are doing.

Supplying walnut from Ukraine is the only thing Walnut Ukraine is doing.

We live with walnuts.

From the very seed till the moment its loaded on the containers,

We have professional team in each and every phase of the business.

Learn More About Legend Projects Group

Legend Projects is a Global internet investment company that builds and supports sustainable, large-scale businesses which export 'Anything' from 'Anywhere' to 'Whole World'.

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